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What do you dream about? More Money? A new relationship? A new house? More joy and love? Fill in the blank ______ .

You can have it all when you use EFT to clear what holds you back so you can create what you prefer.

Including peace, joy, fun, happiness, prosperity....

It's simple and easy to make amazing new choices using EFT.


EFT Master Lindsay Kenny goes into PR in great depth, explaining what it is, how to find out if you or your client have it, what it's about, and how to deal with it.

This is an invaluable resource, and should be studied carefully, since PR undermines many of us without even blinking - and we struggle and struggle until - oh! we finally remember! Test for PR!

It's simple and easy, but when PR is present, you can tap yourself silly and get exactly nowhere! Don't let that happen to you--download this great book now.

Books created and illustrated by Angela Treat Lyon

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