Let's Start Out Simple....

I have such a horrid headache!

Let's say you have a headache.

Or maybe you feel sad, or mad about something. Or even confused or stuck.

You can use any physical pain or emotional state you want to clear for this little discovery exercise, but just go along with me here to see how it's done.

You will probably get results for your particular pain, even though this is just an introductory exercise!

LOCATE THE PAIN: Find out where the pain is, exactly. If you do have a headache, is it in the front of your head? Over one eye? At your temples?

If you feel sad, where do you feel it? In your heart? Chest? Tight throat?

If you feel anxious, do you have a tight belly, sweaty palms, nervous hands? Really check out how you feel, and where those feelings are telling you to look.

First, though, you'll want to get the free books and goodies. Once you do, you'll come back to this page.

For this little intro, I'm going to stick with the headache example.

Next, we're going to rate the pain....click on next, below. 















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