You Did 1 Full EFT Round!

How is your headache or pain now? Look at your original rating. What was it?

And now what is it? Most times, the headache is gone by now--and in my experience, it's usually gone by the time I reach the chin. Your pain may take longer, or be gone faster--every case is different, and not always the one-minute wonder most of us have come to love and expect.

If it was a migraine, there may be emotional roots that need untangling before it goes away completely. You'll find out how to do that soon.

If you still get a rating other than zero, do another round of 3 Setups saying: "Even though I still have a 3 (your number) headache, I deeply and completely accept myself. Tap a full round through all the points again, and re-rate. How do you feel now?

Let's do a complete round all together now, just for good measure. Click next....















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