The Setups 1: the Karate Chop Point

This is the first part of the Setups.

First, drum your fingers on a table as if you were impatient. Now you know how hard to tap! You don't have to bash yourself! You can even rub gently if tapping is painful for you.

With either the fingertips or the flat of the fingers of one hand, see how it feels to tap on the side of the palm of your other hand, starting up under the little finger pad and running down to the wrist. Tap five to seven times to get a feel.

EFT Master Lindsay Kenny (some of whose great EFT books you'll get soon) even likes to tap both karate points together. Try using different ways of tapping and see which you like best.

It does not matter which hand taps the other.

In case you need hands-free, or if for some reason you can't tap with both hands, I'll show you another way to do it, and why it is so important to do it at all.

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