The Setups 2: the Sore Spots

This is an alternative way to do the first part of the Setups.

First, put your index finger in the Little hollow at the base of your neck. Now spread your other fingers waaaaay out as far as you can, towards your armpits with your thumb reaching as far as it can, too.

The points under your thumb and third fingertip right near your armpits are going to be a bit sore. If it is not sore there, feel around and find where it is. These places are called the Sore Spots.

Why? Because they are Lymphatic Drainage Points, and can be a bit or even quite sore. It will not harm you to rub these spots gently. If even that is too much, just place the palms of your hands over the spots. You can use one or both hands on one or both spots.

Instead of tapping on the Karate Chop Point, you can gently rub the Sore Spots.

Yes! Be gentle! EFT is supposed to be as gentle as you can make it! It is not meant to be a hard, aggressive technique.

I like to use the Sore Spots for especially persistent issues, or when I can't be both-hands-free. Now I'll show you what to do as you tap or rub. Click next....















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