Why Do These Setups?

Know anyone like this?

Chubby Chuck, to the left, exclaims, "I really want to lose weight!" And then you watch as a whole quart of ice cream, 6 packages of chips, cookies and candy go down that same mouth!

And though he's gone on diets--and even succeeds for a little while--he always goes off the diet, even gaining more back than he lost!

That's called Psychological Reversal. Some part of him does NOT want to get slim, trim or fit.* So you say what that part of you thinks when you tap the Karate Chop point.

Saying the Setup Phrases helps cancel out that Psychological Reversal.

You say each "negative" phrase like this:
Even though I want this ___
(weight, depression--you fill your own words in--for now we'll still use 'this headache') _____
I deeply and completely accept myself.
1. Even though I love this ___
(headache) _____
I deeply and completely accept myself.
1. Even though I gotta have this ___
(headache) _____
I deeply and completely accept myself.

* When you read Change Your Mind! with EFT, the Basics, you'll find a whole chapter on this fascinating part of your mind. It may seem weird to say these "negative" words, but once you do, that part of you that wants to hold you back relaxes and allows you to make new choices!

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